ProTurkish, INC.

Professional Turkish Translations


Nur (Gülnur) Reinhart
Trained, Experienced Translator

Native speaker of Turkish, equally fluent from or into Turkish. Successfully completed 4 semesters of undergraduate translation courses, studied translation theory and technique.

Professional translator since 1984. Active member, American Translators Association, since 1985. Annual translation volume: over 150,000 words.

Areas of expertise: medical, pharmaceutical, legal and business. Extensive knowledge of terminology, fully equipped with specialized resources. Completed projects: legal briefs, court documents, divorce decrees, writs, contracts, extradition requests, insecticide/pesticide labels, autopsy reports, business reports, corporate codes of conduct/ethics codes, stock option plans, etc.

Educated in Language Arts and Linguistics

Fulbright Scholar, 1977–1979

Experienced Writer and Teacher